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Case Studies | Saudi Arabia Air Cargo Hub Logistics Strategy

By Market Research Saudi | Posted January 9, 2019

Designing a new business model for a leading Asian air cargo terminal operator.


Our client had successfully bid for the air cargo terminal operation in one of the key cities in Saudi Arabia, and intended to bid for an even bigger location in order to build a countrywide strategy. Therefore, a substantiated projection for attainable volume growth along with a strategy to transform the location into an international air cargo hub was needed.


YCP Solidiance developed a highly fast-paced analysis and forecast of the Saudi-Arabian Air Cargo market and built a forward-oriented business model with the client that accounted for base volumes, impact of future political and economic trends, leakages to neighboring countries and potential gains from implementing technology. The resulting projections became the real basis for the clients bid to the local administration to take over air cargo operations at the location.


Within two weeks we were able to provide key market insights, a refined market model and reliable projects, based on existing data and on-site top management interviews with logistics and air cargo players in Saudi Arabia. The team of five consultants worked under high pressure, focusing on key essentials of the market and strategy to deliver the required results in time for the client's bid.

Engagement ROI:

The client managed to deliver a substantiated bid with a superior value proposition to their principals, and positioned themselves as an advanced contender offering the Saudi Arabian administration a perspective to become an internal Air Cargo Hub in the future.

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