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Saudi Arabia Allows Foreign Investors to Own Aquaculture Asset
18 Jun 2019   |   Infrastructure

The government of Saudi Arabia recently made a change in its regulations which allow foreign investors to own aquaculture assets.

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Saudi Arabia Nuclear Power Development
12 Jun 2019   |   Construction

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is getting closer to fulfill its long-held ambition of building civil nuclear power plants.

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‘Authentic’ Tourism in Saudi Arabia
21 May 2019   |   Infrastructure

The government of Saudi Arabia has launched a major initiative which maps out 11 key tourism seasons for the Kingdom.

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Women to Drive Saudi’s Automotive market
14 May 2019   |   Automotive

One-fifth of the women population, equal to three million drivers, are expected to be added to Saudi Arabia’s roads by 2020, driving the transformation of the Kingdom’s automotive market.

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New Initiative to Create over 500,000 Jobs in Saudi Arabia
09 May 2019   |   Digital

As a part of a new digital era for Saudi Arabia’s labor market, the government has revealed ambitious plans to create more than 561,000 private-sector jobs by 2023.

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