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Saudi Arabia Entertainment Sector New Opportunities
Saudi Entertainment Market Research
Entertainment sector is growing massively in Saudi Arabia. Through the Kingdom's Vision 2030, it expects to grow household spending on entertainment to approximately 6%. The sector is projected to take a SAR 30 billion market. This aspiration undeniably requires developing the latest and advanced entertainment experiences for public, establishing new entertainment attractions and hosting world-class event and festivals.

Saudi is a country with one of the largest populations in the Middle East, with around half of the residents are under the age of 30 having considerable appetite for entertainment. The sector makes approximately 9.6 million leisure trips abroad each year, spending around 80% of their entertainment budget whist they’re away. There are boundless new opportunities in this sector hundreds of cinemas, theme park projects, entertainment cities and Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) to be built by 2030.

Market Research Saudi will help you navigate Saudi's fast-growing entertainment industry with advisory services in the areas of digitalization in entertainment, and theme parks and amusement park development. Our consultants understand the future challenges in the market and will offer you deep industry insights to achieve constant growth.

Our Key Service Offerings

Saudi Market Intelligence

We provide our clients with evidence-based insights to anticipate fast shift of market demands and profile emerging competitive threats.

Saudi Market Entry

We consider available options and aim to reduce financial uncertainty for clients through mapping competitors, partners, customers, channels, suppliers and other market conditions.

Saudi Competitive Intelligence

We analyse the local market competition by learning from best practices to avoid excessive lapses and reinventions. We help clients to discover competitors’ blind spots, leveragevuntapped opportunities as well as improve on others’ successes, assuring that they will gain strategic advantage.

Saudi Customer Intelligence

Our team analyses customers’ buying trends for strategic input in new products development, map targeted customers’ demographics and behavior through buyers’ persona.

Our Success Stories

Transforming a Client into a Lifestyle & Entertainment Company aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030

As part of the Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdom had seen radical transformations in an effort to promote tourism spend and improve the quality of life of all Saudi citizens and expatriates.


Our Success Stories

Building a ‘Smart’ Distribution Hub​ in Saudi Arabia

Our team conducted a deep dive on the ‘distribution hub’ set up, which included a detailed benchmarking of key competitors, analysis of price levels and distribution structures.



Digital Wallet
Saudi Arabia: Digital Wallet to Support MENA’s Economic Hub

Saudi Arabia’s digital wallet market has shown positive growth from the long-awaited push by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Saudi Ecommerce
Saudi Arabia Unrealized E-Commerce Key Drivers

Saudi Arabia has recently undergone a significant shift to online shopping, standing as the 25th largest e-commerce market due to COVID-19.

Saudi Arabia to Propel Digital Economy
Saudi Arabia to Propel Digital Economy

Economic digitization will transform activities and become a catalyst to promote Saudi Arabia's position as one of the largest economies in the world.

Saudi Neom Project
Saudi’s Neom Project: the World’s First Cognitive and Free Carbon-Zone City

Since its first announcement in 2017, the Neom project has been a growing investment interest in Saudi Arabia.

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