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Uncover the potential growth in Saudi's construction industry with opportunitinies in residential and non-residential, as well as infrastructure.

Saudi Construction Consulting
Saudi Infrastructure Consulting
Sustainability is among important parts in Vision 2030. Therefore, many companies plan to create smart buildings to realize the vision and also benefit the investors. Market Research Saudi is committed to helping organizations and conglomerates looking to explore opportunities in the market, by providing in-depth insights and information about this industry.

Saudi's construction sector has a lot of untapped potential waiting to be captured. Currently, smart city digital planners and developers are experiencing increasing demand from the market as programs such as Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Plan clearly put digitization at the top of the country’s goal. Another example is HVAC, which represents a large segment of the Saudi construction industry as the market is expected to reach $2.4 billion by 2024 - with a CAGR of 4.5%.

Our construction advisory services cover Saudi's rapidly growing market across various areas: digitalization in construction, urban redevelopment and sustainable infrastructure, smart cities and buildings, green city development, building utilities, and construction materials, HVAC, and more. We have worked with various players in this industry, giving us the capability to advise clients with the right know-how to accelerate growth in Saudi's construction industry.

Our Key Service Offerings

Saudi Market Intelligence

We get our hands dirty to provide evidence-based insights. Combine with our local marketplace insights, we help clients to anticipate fast shift of market demands and profile emerging competitive threats.

Saudi Market Entry

Options are measured and financial uncertainty is reduced for clients by mapping competitors, customers, partners, channels, suppliers and other market dynamics.

Saudi Competitive Intelligence

We analyse Saudis market competition, learn from best practices to avoid costly omissions and reinventions. We make sure clients gain strategic advantage by discovering competitors’ blind spots, leveraging unaddressed opportunities and improving on others’ successes.

Saudi Customer Intelligence

Our team analyses customers’ buying trends for strategic input in new products development, map targeted customers’ demographics and behavior through buyers’ persona.

Our Success Stories

Transforming a Client into a Lifestyle & Entertainment Company aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030

As part of the Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdom had seen radical transformations in an effort to promote tourism spend and improve the quality of life of all Saudi citizens and expatriates.


Our Success Stories

Building a ‘Smart’ Distribution Hub​ in Saudi Arabia

Our team conducted a deep dive on the ‘distribution hub’ set up, which included a detailed benchmarking of key competitors, analysis of price levels and distribution structures.



medical manufacturing amid covid 19
Saudi Increases Localized Medical Manufacturing Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Concerns regarding a worldwide shortage of sanitizers, face masks, and ventilators, which are essential in the fight against COVID-19, has pushed Saudi Arabia to increase local production for these items. The recent statistics from the Saudi Food & Drug Authority showed that local factories have been producing 3.7 million face masks per week.

Construction Saudi
SAGIA: Building Materials Market to Reach SAR 700 Billion by 2030

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a large market with a growing demand for building materials, primarily being driven by the dynamics of the construction sector.

cashless society in Saudi
Key Pillars Towards a Cashless Society in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched its ambition through Vision 2030 to reform and diversify the Kingdom’s economy and create a vibrant society and country for people to live.

sama launches licenses for financial technology institutions
SAMA Launches Licenses for Financial Technology Institutions

Licenses for non-bank financial institutions, in this case, Financial Technology Institutions, have been launched by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA).

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