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Market Research Saudi is a B2B strategic marketing consulting firm focusing on the Middle Eastern market, who advises large companies, Arabian conglomerates, and government agencies. Our expertise is in automotive, construction, manufacturing healthcare, food & beverages as well as agricultural sectors in the Middle East. Multinational clients appreciate our knowledge of the Saudi market and the results of our hands-on approach.

Our objective is to pass on market understanding to clients that will help them achieve sustained and profitable growth. Our recommendations are founded on a thorough analysis of the Middle East marketplace.

Our Market Research Saudi team consists of seasoned local and international consultants of Solidiance with deep experience in Saudi and the Middle East. Our consultants are meticulous in their work, culturally savvy, fluent in local / Arabic language, and well-versed in analyzing facts gathered directly from customers, suppliers, distributors, partners, industry associations, competitors, and government officials.

We value transparency because it keeps our analysis unbiased and our clients happy. As a result, our client repeat rate is over 90%, well above the industry average.

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Some of Our Team

damien duhamel saudi arabia

DAMIEN DUHAMEL | CEO & Managing Partner

Damien is our CEO & Managing Partner at Solidiance and has worked on hundreds of growth strategy engagements supporting Fortune 500 firms and Middle Eastern conglomerates. He help clients traverse the revived "Silk Road", with a foothold and ears-to-the-ground in the Middle East. He has advised many Saudi Arabian clients from government bodies, large family business and business conglomerates - including Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (TAQEEM), Al Jazirah, Al Sulaiman Group, and many more. His thought leadership has been featured on various media: AFP, Business Insider, BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other regional publications. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the Victoria University, an MBA from the Chicago Booth School of Business and a Master’s degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard University.



Erika manages Solidiance’s client relationships in the EMEA Region. She brings over 13 years of strategy consulting experience in the Middle East, working with the leading corporations, government bodies and foundations in the region. She has also led several projects herself in the UAE, KSA, Indonesia , Iran, Oman, Jordan, Algeria, and Japan for Fortune 500 clients in the agricultural, construction, lubricants, machinery, automotive, utilities, and greentech sectors. Prior to joining Solidiance, Erika was a Senior Advisor and Collaborative Innovations Manager addressing sustainability challenges across 10+ sectors in the Arab World. Erika speaks English,Japanese, conversational French and survival Arabic. She holds degrees from McGill University and the University of Cambridge, and graduated with honors from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business in the heart of Silicon Valley where she developed digital solutions for Fortune 500 companies in the B2B space.

Omar Saudi Arabia Region

OMAR AZIZ | Partner

Omar is a Partner with over 10 years of business consulting experience in the Middle Eastern market. He has been involved in various strategic and operational cases, primarily focusing on large-scale transformations of large companies. In his work with clients, Omar has helped develop growth strategies, performance improvement plans, global manufacturing and sourcing strategies, as well as market feasibility studies for M&A engagements. Omar frequently speaks at large forums and holds an MBA from Nanyang Business School.



Nabil is a Manager who has played key roles in driving projects on the ground in the Middle East market namely Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Algeria, and more. Nabil excels in market landscape analysis for market growth strategies, and has conducted various projects across the logistics space in the Middle East. Nabil also specializes in financial modelling and due diligence, corporate valuations and M&A support for our top tier clients. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Corporate Finance at the American University of Beirut, and is fluently trilingual in English, Arabic, and French.


DIANA DZAKA | Director

Diana is the Digital Transformation Director at Solidiance. With 7 years of experience in marketing communications & digital strategy, she is successfully leading Solidiance's digital initiatives across the Middle East. She has helped advised Middle Eastern corporations and conglomerates on digitalisation strategy, namely Zamil Steel and Al Jazirah. Diana has extensive experience in digital strategy, omnichannel marketing, and digital communications gained while working in marketing agencies where she had managed numerous diverse projects for global clients. She holds a master’s degree in Financial Management and bachelor’s degree in Macrofinancial Management from University of Sarajevo.


RIDA EL CHAB | Senior Associate

Rida is a Senior Consultant working across the Middle East. Rida specializes in Market Growth Studies, Market entry, and Quantitative Studies and has led projects across the GCC, North Africa, as well as in the far East. Rida obtained a MSc in Quantitative Economics and Finance from the University of Lyon in France. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management from the University of Lyon. Rida speaks fluent English, French, and Arabic.

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