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By Market Research Saudi | Posted October 22, 2018

Saudi Arabia 5G Revolution

The road to 5G network is well underway, and lucky for the UAE and Saudi Arabia to be positioned well enough to experience the benefits of this latest technology. An

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By Market Research Saudi | Posted September 5, 2018

Saudi Arabia to Reduce the Gap in Real Estate Market

The year 2019 is expected to witness the revival of real estate market in Saudi Arabia, stimulated by a strong government reform and spending. The market is seen to remain

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By Market Research Saudi | Posted August 10, 2018

GCC Logistic Hub: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

Located at the meeting point of the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations are a strategic spot to connect the world as a major transshipment

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By Market Research Saudi | Posted July 2, 2018

A Highlight of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030

Known to many as one of the oil-dependent countries, Saudi Arabia is facing a huge challenge amidst the turmoil of global oil prices. The shifting of becoming a non-oil dependent

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By Market Research Saudi | Posted June 20, 2018

Saudi Arabia: USD 14.4 billion to build region’s Logistic Hub

The Saudi Arabian Government is committed to develop the transport and logistic sector through USD 14.4 billion government expenditure in 2018. Located right at the crossroads of international trade

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