About us

Market Research Saudi is an Asia-focused B2B strategic marketing consulting firm that advises large companies and government agencies. Our expertise is in automotive, construction, manufacturing healthcare, food & beverages as well as agricultural sectors in Asia. Multinational clients appreciate our knowledge of the Saudi market and the results of our hands-on approach.

Our objective is to pass on market understanding to clients that will help them achieve sustained and profitable growth. Our recommendations are founded on a thorough analysis of the Middle East marketplace.

The Saudi market research team consists of seasoned local and international consultants of Solidiance with deep experience in Saudi and the Middle East. Our consultants are meticulous in their work, culturally savvy, and well-versed in analyzing facts gathered directly from customers, suppliers, distributors, partners, industry associations, competitors, and government officials.

We value transparency because it keeps our analysis unbiased and our clients happy. As a result, our client repeat rate is over 90%, well above the industry average.

Some of Our Team

DAMIEN DUHAMEL | Managing Partner

Damien has more than 20 years of corporate strategy consulting experience in Asia. From 1995 to 2000, Damien managed a boutique market intelligence firm based in Ho Chi Minh City to help foreign investors enter Vietnam. From 2000 to 2006, Damien was the Asia Pacific Managing Director of the consulting arm of London-listed Aegis Plc. During his tenure as business unit leader, revenue increased by four folds. In 2006, Damien co-founded Solidiance to build the only Asia-focused corporate strategy consultancy. He has since helped multiple Fortune 500 and Conglomerates to define strategic priorities, to rethink growth blueprint, to instill innovation at the core, and to transform across Asia. Recognized as an innovation, urban development and competitive strategy expert, he is frequently interviewed on these topics.

OMAR AZIZ | Associate Partner

Omar is an Associate Partner of Solidiance, based in our Singapore office. He has over 10 years of business consulting experience in Asia Pacific and has been involved in several strategic and operational cases, primarily focusing on large-scale transformations of large companies. In his work with clients, Omar has helped develop growth strategies, performance improvement plans, global manufacturing and sourcing strategies, as well as market feasibility studies for M&A engagements. Omar frequently speaks at large forums regarding emerging Asian countries.

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